Monday, May 1, 2017

Lunch at the Zugspitze, Gipfelalm Style

zugspitze, gipfelalm restaurant
Back inside, out of the wind, we decided to have lunch at Gipfelalm.

zugspitze, warm drinks at gipfelalm
First, we warmed up with hot and Bailey's, and hot chocolate with rum.  Delicious! 

zugspitze, lunch at gipfelalm
Our lunch arrived soon after our drinks, and we admired the presentation.

zugspitze, white sausages, pretzels, sweet mustard at gipfelalm
Weisswurst (white sausages), soft pretzel, and the sweet mustard we were fast becoming addicted to.  YUM!

*More about weisswurst, and how to eat it, at WorldHum
*back home, I'm on a hunt to find some of the Develey Original Bayern Weisswurst Sweet Mustard, and it looks like World Market might have it!