Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello, Munich!

old town hall, Altes Rathaus,munich
On New Year's Eve, a friend mentioned an upcoming trip to Munich. She was able to get round trip airfare for $300. She said I should join her (maybe after I said I wanted to go with her?) and I soon found myself on the website she used,, purchasing my own $300 plane tickets. Two months later, we landed in Munich and took the train to Old Town. Getting off at the Marienplatz station, we went up near the Viktualienmarkt. The above picture was our first view of the area, and I think we both fell a little in love.

old town hall, Altes Rathaus,munich
We were looking at the "Old Town Hall", which was restored after the original building was severely damaged during World War II. Then we turned around, only to see the "New Town Hall".

new town hall, Neue Rathaus, munich

We were a little excited.