Friday, July 30, 2010

Mount Evans Road, to the Top

Doug and I were back in Colorado last week. After an overnight in Denver, we drove up to Idaho Springs and from there, to the top of Mount Evans. The last time we attempted this, the highest part of the road was closed, and we didn't get past Summit Lake.  I was looking forward to seeing more, and I know Doug was really excited about driving our big Suburban on those hairpin turns that look over steep dropoffs.  Can you see the car on the road in the photo below?  Doug loves those dropoffs.  Where are the guard rails?!

I will add a side note here-  yes, we do own a suburban.  It hauls our children, their friends, our friends, and our large dog whenever we need it to.  I battled the guilt for a long time, but gave it up.  Our other car is a small Toyota that gets great gas mileage and I ride my scooter or bike as much as possible when we are at home.  Okay, maybe I haven't totally given up the guilty feelings.

What incredible views.  Doug pulled over several times so I could snap photos like the one above.

At the top of the paved road, we saw the Castle in the Sky, also known as Crest House.

On the way back down, we saw these two biking to the top. Almost there, guys!  Wow, I definitely admire their strength and endurance, not to mention their fuel efficiency.