January 31, 2008

Reader's Question: Hiking Copper Mountain

hiking copper mountain, coloradoChris from Austin sent an email:


I found your blog by googling "hiking Copper Mountain".

We're planning a trip to Colorado in July, and are looking for a nice getaway with good hiking. We're taking my 6-year old son. We were thinking about Estes Park or Colorado Springs, but friends told us we should check out Copper Mountain.

Do you know of any good books or websites which will give us the inside, opinionated scoop on where to stay, where to hike, etc.?

Thanks. I really enjoyed looking through your blog!

If you are also considering a hiking vacation in Summit County, here is what I suggested for Chris:

A good place to get the inside scoop is the Trip Advisor Colorado forum. I did a search on Summit County hiking and several posts showed up in the results with opinions on where to go and what to do during the summer.

For other ideas, check out:
Lodging Options:
Copper MountainKeystone Ski Resort and Summit Cove for Keystone lodging
Craig's List for other vacation rentals in the Rocky Mountains.

Hiking Trails and Other Things To Do:
Copper Mountain for summer activitiesHiking trails in Summit County
ALL Summit County.com

If you have any other suggestions for Chris, please add them in the comments below.

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