Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Uncomfortable

looking over the edge at palisade head, north shore, minnesotaPalisade Head, North Shore of Lake Superior
Photo by Connor Cashman

I came across an interesting post on that includes this quote from

"I always feel most alive when I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone."

The title of the Darren's post is Getting Uncomfortable, and is about deliberately doing things that scare you. Not screaming scary, but butterflies in the stomach scary. I like Darren's statement,

"... I think adversity builds character, and one way to make yourself a better person is to try things that make you uncomfortable."

When writers do a good job of putting ideas into words, everything makes sense. Finding posts like these are what makes surfing the web so satisfying.

side note: These quotes also remind me of the 5 Reasons Why I Travel meme that was going around last year. Many people listed reasons like the chance to challenge themselves or push their boundaries. While you can do that at home, the unfamiliar situations that happen while traveling give you so many more opportunities to experience those butterflies in your stomach.