Thursday, December 13, 2007

From other Travel Blogs...

cemeteray, chichicastenango, guatemala
Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Thank you to Soloride on Stumble Upon for letting me know about The World by Road, a blog about driving around the world. Steve Shoppman and Steve Bouey started their two year trip in Denver, Colorado last February. I've just started reading the archives, but I'm already impressed. Interesting stories and great photographs make up for the awkward blog navigation (it would be great if they offered an archive search to make it easier to read the blog from the beginning). They are inviting travelers to join them for different parts of their journey. If you are interested, take a look at their time line for future countries to see where they are going next.

Beth at Wanderluster shares 4 Reasons to Consider Traveling Solo. Although I'm still not sure traveling alone is for me, her reasons are making me reconsider.

Rolf Potts gives advice on Awakening Your Inner Vagabond on Vagablogging. Most of his suggestions come from his book, Vagabonding, and are good reminders of how to get the most from your travels.

Travel Hacker shares a list of 25 Microbreweries across the United States.

Eyeflare has some good ideas for a New Zealand driving holiday.