October 10, 2007

Rambling Traveler meets Go Backpacking

When we decided to go to Maryland, one opportunity I wanted to take advantage of was meeting Dave from GoBackpacking. I've been following Dave's blog as he plans and saves for his upcoming round the world trip. He is leaving the country in just a few weeks, so this was a chance I couldn't pass up. I sent him an invitation to join us for drinks before we left D.C., and Dave graciously accepted. He suggested Ireland's Four Courts in Arlington, Virginia and I'm so glad he did.

Set up like a traditional Irish pub, it reminded me of our trip to Ireland and the several meals we had at pubs just like this one. Even though I ordered an Irish beer (Smithwicks), I couldn't resist the non-Irish 5 Layer Dip with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa and grated provolone and cheddar cheese. It was delicious.

It was great to visit with Dave. We talked a lot about travel and blogging. His eyes light up when he talks about his trip, and his relief that physical therapy is helping his knees. I'm excited for him with his upcoming trip and I can't wait to hear his stories from the road.

Dave, I hope you will give me a call if you are ever in Minnesota so we can compare local Irish pubs.