October 24, 2007

5 Sites to Help You Plan a Trip to Scotland

Photograph by zombizi on Flickr

As we consider a trip to Scotland, I've been visiting many websites looking for information. The ones I've found the most useful are:

1. Visit Scotland-The national tourism site has many suggestions for things to see and do.

2. Undiscovered Scotland-One of my favorite travel guides for Scotland, I like to read through all the categories, especially ancient monuments, castles, and walking.

3. The Internet Guide to Scotland-A comprehensive guide to visiting Scotland with practical details regarding sightseeing, outdoor activities, accommodations and transportation.

4. Historic Scotland- Information about the properties cared for by Historic Scotland, as well as Scotland's "listed buildings" and "scheduled ancient monuments". This site contains practical information for visiting the different properties.

5. Trip Advisor- The forum for Scotland is as friendly and helpful as one that I used extensively for our trip to Ireland. Before posting a question, be sure to search the archives. It is possible that someone else has already asked and received answers to the same question. By reading the archives, you can also find new travel ideas. I always look for off the beaten path suggestions from locals or travelers who have recently returned from the place we are going to.

Now I just need to narrow down all the options available to us and create a fantastic list of things to do. That's all. No problem. We just need to plan a two year trip.