September 10, 2007

Guided Tours of Fort Snelling

fort snelling, minnesotaOne of the benefits of having children is being able to chaperone field trips to interesting places. Two years ago, when my youngest son was in third grade, I went along on a trip to Historic Fort Snelling, a restored military outpost from the 1820's.

fort snelling, minnesota
schoolmaster at fort snellingFort Snelling offers a living history program with costumed guides. During our guided tour, we heard from the schoolmaster, a doctor, soldier, wash woman, blacksmith, store keeper, and Colonel Snelling's wife. They answered our questions and told us interesting stories about what it was like to live at Fort Snelling during the 1820's.

soldier at fort snelling
soldier at fort snelling

wash woman at fort snellingLocated near the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, Fort Snelling is a do not miss if you are in the Twin Cities and have any interest in history. The Minnesota Historical Society website has a calendar of special events to help you plan a visit.