August 7, 2007

Fruit From the Santiago Market

panajachel, lake atitlan, guatemala

Taking a break from building the house, we went to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan. We also took a boat across the lake to Santiago and visited the market there.

pitaya in a bowlAt the market, we had the chance to taste some fruit that was new to us. The first was pitaya, or dragon fruit, which comes from a column cactus. It tasted light and refreshing.

cut pitaya
rambutanI don't know the name of the other fruit. I thought it was licha or liche, but after doing a google search, I don't think that is correct. Does anyone know what this fruit is called?

* Thank you to Mike at Vagabondish for identifying the fruit as rambutan!

After the skin was peeled away, it resembled a large peeled red grape, and it tasted like one, too. Both fruit fit in the "peel it yourself" category of okay to eat, although we used a knife to quarter the pitaya.

rambutanSomeone from God's Child Project came with us to make sure we stayed out of trouble. ;-)
I'm glad he was there, because he is the one who pointed out the fruit. If he hadn't, we would have walked right by it and missed out on a new experience!