August 20, 2007

From Houses to Homes

While we were in Guatemala, we visited with Oscar Mejía, a friend of the Larsens who they previously met through God's Child Project. Oscar is now working with another volunteer organization called From Houses to Homes, and because of our interest, he took us to Santa Maria de Jesus to show us what they are doing in that community.

During our visit, we met a family whose new home had been finished the day before. The old house had dirt floors and walls made of dried corn stalks. The new home is made of cinder block walls and concrete floors. There is also a concrete front step.

The Old House

The New Home

The Family and Neighbors

The family graciously showed us their old house so we could see what an average home is like for people in the area. They were very friendly and answered our questions and let us take pictures. The neighbors were very curious about us, and they came over to see who we were and what we were doing.

For more information about From Houses to Homes, you can visit their website. If you have questions about the program, you can use the contact form or the email address listed on the site.