August 23, 2007

Books I've Been Reading

The Dream Maker
The Dream Maker by Monica Hannan is an incredible story about one man's determination and dedication to helping poor children around the world, especially in Guatemala. The book shares the stories of children whose lives have been changed by Patrick Atkinson, the founder of God's Child Project. Several of the stories are about orphans from the civil war. At turns joyful and heartbreaking, reading this book made me so thankful for people like Patrick, and made me question the best way I can help them.

Spanish Lessons
Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain by Derek Lambert is an entertaining story about the author moving to Spain with his wife and son. It is filled with vivid and humorous descriptions of the people they meet and the adventures they share as they restore a house and learn about the "real" Spain, the country they've decided to call home. I smiled through most of the book, and I was sorry to see it end.

Living in a Foreign Language
Living in a Foreign Language by Michael Tucker shares the experiences of the author and his wife Jill Eikenberry as they purchase and renovate a 350 year old cottage in Umbria. Like Derek Lambert, Michael Tucker has a talent for describing the people he meets in Italy. I still smile when I think of the butchers, or Giancarlo, the proprietor of a restaurant in Spoleto. My favorite parts of the book are the descriptions of the meals they prepare at home or eat elsewhere. This book made me laugh, and made me hungry (for food and for Italy). I couldn't put it down.

All three books are great stories that I highly recommend.