June 14, 2007

Travel Photography: Tips From Other Blogs

Learn how to Shoot Your Trip Like a Photojournalist at Brave New Traveler. One tip I really like:
"If you see a photo you want to take, TAKE IT! Even if it means stopping a car, running after someone etc. Don’t put it off, thinking you’ll get another chance to take that photo later. Chances are you won’t."
I do this a lot because the times I did wait, I missed some great shots. It's a good reminder, though, not to let the moment pass you by.

Digital Photography School has an interesting article on Surf Photography for Beginners. While you are there, check out 10 Beach Photography Tips.

The New York Times has an article on photography safaris, "Combining guided tours to exotic locales with hands-on instruction, photo safaris seek to turn the everyday Ofoto user into a budding Ansel Adams." They also have an article of the best places to take pictures in New York City titled Where the Pros Go to Shoot.

*the picture above is from Kusadasi, Turkey