June 12, 2007

Start Backpacking

In an article on the BudgetTravelOnline blog, This Just In, I found out about a new site called StartBackpacking by Greg Rodgers. According to This Just In and the author's bootsnall blog, the site went live yesterday. There are some great tips in a 10 step guide for planning a vagabonding experience. Another section has travel tips for Thailand. The site also has travel stories from around the world, and links to other travel blogs.

StartBackpacking does not have an RSS feed, one of the requirements I usually have for recommending a travel site, but there is so much information about planning a backpacking trip, I am willing to forgive the missing feed. If someone from the site reads this, though, please, please, please consider adding a feed.

*the picture above is the sun rising over the Greek island of Mykonos