May 10, 2007

From other Travel Blogs...

palm trees,Kiahuna Beach,Kauai,HawaiiKiahuna Beach in Kauai, Hawaii
Photo by Scott Carpenter

Thinking of taking a RTW trip? The Lost Girls have a 3 part series detailing the expenses for their round the world adventure, including total costs, breakdown of flight, gear, accommodations, and breakdown of food, travel, entertainment.

Timen at in my All Stars shares Top 5 Reasons Why We Travel. He does a great job of explaining our need to get out and see the world.

National Parks Traveler has another guide to the parks, this time it's The Essential Glacier with tips for visiting Glacier National Park. has a post about Geobeats, a website featuring video travel guides. I ended up spending far too much time at Geobeats, exploring all the videos. The videos teaching the top local phrases are a great idea.

Another trail is being added to my summer of walking in England. Smarter Travel has an article about walking the Pennine Way that I found interesting.