May 1, 2007

Don't Wait to Travel

hiking copper mountain, coloradoThis weekend, Paul at TravMonkey wrote about why you should go traveling. His reasons are aimed at the young and unmarried traveling long term, but even if that doesn't describe you, I would encourage you to get out and see the world.

Too many times I hear of people who put off travel until their retirement, and then something happens to prevent it. Don't wait until you have more time, it might not happen. Live your life in the present, and plan now that trip you've always dreamed of. If you absolutely can't make it work, plan a different trip that will work.

If you have children, don't wait for them to move out, take them with you. We started traveling with our boys when our youngest was one year old. Mostly road trips at first with an occasional plane trip in the United States, then an incredible trip to Ireland for 2 weeks. Not only was it wonderful for me, but it was an experience the boys will always remember. I love sharing memories of our trips. The picture above is from 4 years ago, preserving a memory of hiking Copper Mountain, (and memories of boys with shorter hair who hadn't yet passed their mother in height.)

People think it is too expensive to travel, but most of our travels were done with very limited funds. We've driven, camped or stayed at less expensive hotels, and packed food from home or shopped for food at grocery stores instead of eating out. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. Having less money to travel encourages creativity and can lead to some great adventures. It also means fewer souvenir tchotchkes to clutter your home.

So, if there is somewhere you want to visit, plan your trip now. It's too sad to have regrets later on about what you didn't do.