Thursday, April 26, 2007

From other Travel Blogs...

Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik, CroatiaRector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some good articles for you to read:

The Daily Transit has a good post about Why We Travel: Reason #1. I'm looking forward to reading his other reasons.

Timen at in my All Stars shares an incredible video, A Story of Healing, about a surgical team traveling to Vietnam to do plastic surgery on children with facial malformations. For more information about Interplast, check out their blog, So No Child Must Wait.

Interested in backpacking? Check out Road Junky's post, Top 10 Backpacker Destinations. If you go to Nicaragua, say hi to Ourman, or if you go to Nepal, say hi to Conor.

David at authorblog had a post about Anzac Day in Australia. It was striking to me because I had never heard of Anzac Day until the night before David's post when I was reading The Wrong Way Home by Peter Moore. In the chapter I was reading, Peter had arrived in Turkey too late to go to Gallipoli for Anzac Day. Has everyone else (non-Australian) heard of Anzac day?

The Lost Globe has a fun list of quizzes you can take. What kind of traveler are you?

Ian at Brave New Traveler shares a great video on RSS that he found at CommonCraft. If you don't know what that orange button is at the top of my sidebar, watch the video to find out how you can subscribe to Rambling Traveler! The video explains RSS way better than I did in my site tips.