March 22, 2007

Our Man in Granada

Photo by ourmanwhere on flickr

I've been reading a lot the past two days. Through a comment left on in my All Stars, I found a blog that I haven't seen before, and it is really good. It's actually two blogs, both written by Steve, also known as "Ourman"

The first is Our Man in Hanoi, about his experience as a VSO volunteer with KOTO in Hanoi, Vietnam. KOTO is a restaurant and vocational training program for street and disadvantaged youth. Several of his posts also describe traveling in Vietnam. The archives go back to July 2004, and I started reading them at the beginning.

If you skip the archives, you will miss posts like this and this. I've read several posts on other blogs with tips for backpackers in Southeast Asia, so I thought this post about backpackers was interesting.

Luckily, I found out about his second blog, Our Man in Granada, as he arrived in Nicaragua, so there were only a few archived posts to read. In Granada, Steve is volunteering for Building New Hope at Café Chavalos. I can't wait to hear all about it.