Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Eating in Las Vegas

It's warming up, only -3 degrees at the bus stop this morning. It is also snowing, but we'll probably only get 1-2 inches. Turning my thoughts to warmer places, I'll write some more about Las Vegas. Las Vegas and food.

Four of us had the all-you-can-eat (in one hour) sushi at Sushi Mon, on the corner of Silverado and Maryland. We ordered Maki-Sushi (rolls), and our favorites were:

*Athena- Spicy chopped yellowtail, cucumber & avocado wrapped with shrimp

*007- California roll wrapped with shrimp
*Rock'n Roll- Spicy yum yum shrimp, cucumber & avocado served on a bed of tempura crumbs

We ate until I thought I couldn't eat another bite. Then the ice cream came. The tempura ice cream was so light and refreshing, we had to order more.

Some suggestions:
*Go in a group of four or more so you can sample more things.
*Order half rolls until you know what you like, then order full rolls of your favorites.
*An hour is plenty of time, so don't order all at once.
*Make sure you can finish your food before your hour is up, otherwise you'll pay for what's left.
*No matter how full you are, get the tempura ice cream!

Although I've eaten better sushi, this was very good, and the value can't be beat. We paid $25 a person and I would definitely go back.

We also ate at Hash House A Go Go, on Sahara, just East of S. Rainbow Blvd. We had a great time there with good food and good service. The portions are huge. Two people can definitely share one order. We shared the Tractor Driver Combo with 2 eggs, sausage and a flapjack. We chose the Butterscotch Almond flapjack and it was the size of a hubcap. It was delicious, but a bit too sweet when there was so much of it. We also ordered a side of vanilla waffles. Way too much food for us.One of our friends ordered the crispy hand hammered pork tenderloin benedict with the yummy crispy potatoes, and was generous enough to share the flavorful dish with us. Wow. That is what I'm going to order the next time I'm in Las Vegas or San Diego and can visit this restaurant. I wish we had a Hash House a Go Go in Minnesota so I could eat there without paying for airfare.

Thank you to David Lee for the food pictures.

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