Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shopping in Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi, TurkeyWalking through a small section of shops in Kusadasi, we were "guided" into stores by people grabbing our arms or shoulders and pulling us in. I was so alarmed and unprepared for this, my reaction was to pull away and head straight for the nearest exit where I snapped a few photos with my 10x optical zoom.

Kusadasi, TurkeyOf course, back home as I look at those pictures, I'm kicking myself, because I see a lot of stuff that looks pretty cool. So what if they were touching me? My 6'1 husband was right next to me, so it was unlikely anything bad was going to happen. It was probably my Scandinavian-Minnesotan Lutheran, "DO NOT TOUCH ME UNLESS I KNOW YOU" upbringing that caused my panic, and that is something I need to get over before my next trip to Turkey, because, did you see those pictures?