January 22, 2007

Santorini, Greece

oia, santorini, greeceSantorini was an active volcano that erupted c.1620 BC, causing the center of the island to explode and sink into the ocean. Several towns are built into the cliffs that form the rim of the caldera, including Oia, whose whitewashed cliff homes are often photographed.
During our cruise, we stopped in Santorini and visited Oia and Fira. Both are fun towns to walk around, but Fira was my favorite for shopping. Narrow lanes lined with shops wind around the town.
We also visited a winery. The island gets very little precipitation, so the grapevines are grown in small basket-like shapes close to the ground where they can take advantage of the morning dew. This also helps protect the vines from strong winds.
pistachios, santorini, greece
Another product of Santorini is pistachio nuts. We saw many pistachio trees on the island, and you can buy bags of the nuts from vendors.
To get back to the pier from Fira, you can take the cable car, walk down 586 steps or ride a mule down those same steps. Since you share the steps with the mules, you can imagine it wouldn’t be the most pleasant smelling walk. We took the cable car.

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